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Purposeful Purchases (P2) is a collection of jewelry and accessories curated with people and planet in mind. Each item sold on our site directly impacts the community and environment in a positive way. From fighting hunger in the U.S to funding education in the third world, each item sincerely makes a difference. We also take pride in knowing that our products are both ethically and sustainably made. Purchase individual items, or, select a subscription box to receive a new purposeful product each month. "Don't just shop, Purchase with Purpose"

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About Us

Purposeful Purchases (P2) is dedicated to creating a space for consumers to truly make a difference in the global marketplace. We promote environmental social responsibility by connecting purposeful businesses to the consumer that truly cares!

My passion for environmental stewardship led me to realize the impact that simply being a consumer can have on the world around us.

​Purposeful Purchases aims to reduce the negative impact of consumption while promoting social good!

The Purposeful Purchases brand started with my online recycled jewelry shop. Seeing the need to do more, the brand grew to incorporate virtual project management services and community outreach. The aim is still the same, to create a purposeful marketplace and help organizations that promote the environment and social responsibility.

​While it may not be realistic to stop being a consumer all together, it is completely possible to be purposeful in your purchasing. Take a look around the site, shop, and connect with me!